Kirksville City Council passes water line ordinance

The West Michigan Road Water Line will now be maintained by the City of Kirksville. The Kirksville City Council unanimously passed an ordinance accepting the water lines for utility purposes.

Although located on the outskirts of the city, residents living along the line now know they will continue to get water maintenance from the city. That water line was once privately owned by The West Michigan Road Association. The Association was established in the 1960s, and no longer exists. Residents living along the line have been receiving water bills through the city for years.

The City of Kirksville is officially assuming all responsibility for maintenance on the line, including three fire hydrants, and other valves installed.

"Basically what the council did is accepted the water main for future maintenance and then we will continue to provide the water service that we've been doing for many years to the residents that live out there," said Mari Macomber, Kirksville City Manager.

The Kirksville City Council also authorized the Kirksville Regional Airport to enter into a five-year contract with a new fuel provider. The Avfuel Corporation will now be providing aviation and jet fuel to the airport. The current fuel provider is Phillips 66.