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      Kirksville commission asking for public's input

      At this Wednesday's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting there will be a public hearing on an application for approval of a special use permit request from U.S. Cellular to construct a new tower at the old water/sewage plant location on Cottage Grove Avenue to help improve communication and reception in the city.

      Codes and Planning Director Brad Selby said public input on this issue is critical.

      "We always ask for public input, it's what this is so the Planning and Zoning Commission can make an informed decision to know what the people think and vote on it. If approved a recommendation goes to City Council. It's based on public input, so we like to see people come to the meeting," Selby said.

      A second public hearing will also be going on at the meeting about the rezoning of a house on the corner of Baltimore and Normal Streets for the owner to be allowed to establish a used furniture retail business.

      The meeting will be taking place at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Kirksville City Hall.