Kirksville commission discusses downtown proposal

Wednesday, it was the Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission (KHPC) turn to hear about the new construction proposal.

Selby explained the proposal and how it would affect property ownerâ??s downtown.

Selby said the main misconception is that this would greatly hurt current property owners.

â??What we've heard is that most people think that we're trying to put forth an historic ordinance to make properties look historic,â?? Selby said. â??What were looking atâ?¦is just making sure the architecture of a new building doesn't conflict with existing property.â??

Selby said he wants to stress that this is for new construction in the downtown area, or the expansion of a building to make it bigger.

Theyâ??re not looking at the restoration, remodeling, facade or exterior surfaces on existing buildings.

The Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee said it surveyed downtown property owners, but they gave them to whomever was at the business at the time, so some property owners may not have seen the survey.

The commission raised concerns about the lack of surveys returned and voted to have Selby give another survey to property owners.

Selby said he will bring KHPCâ??s decision to the Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission.