Kirksville commission meets

Kirksville TMs Airport and Transportation Commission meets for one last time this year.

In Tuesday's meeting, the commission discussed its 2011 goals for the street update program and the relationship between Kirksville Regional Airport and Cape Air. One of the main points of the meeting was the 2012 plan for the city's five year transportation sales tax.

The majority of the funds available from the transportation sales tax are going to be spent on maintaining what we have. Said John Buckwalter, City of Kirksville Public Works Director. We are going to try and do additional overlay, some additional surface treatment, and some concrete repair.

The commission saw the first version of the tax plan in September. It has been refined and now will go to the Kirksville City Council for budget discussion this month.

The progress of the new Alternate Route 63 was also discussed at the meeting.

We just discussed with the Alternate Route 63 in terms of what we've seen with the impact on addition traffic on Route P and the perception on the commission as just drivers on it. Buckwalter said. We TMre looking now with MO-DOT going to continue to update the traffic signals as the patterns change.

When the north connection of Business 63 is reopened in 1-2 weeks, the commission will make an assessment on the impact of the new alternate route on traffic patterns within the city.

The commission is set to meet again in March 2012.