Kirksville Council approves apartment renovation projects

The Kirksville City Council met Monday night to discuss and approve a variety of topics.

August 2nd will now be known as 'Make Kirksville Shine Day'. That day will allow members of the community to come together to complete projects that will help beautify the area.

Council members also approved a resolution in support of Rite Development Incorporated's application to the Missouri Housing Development Commission for low-income housing tax credits.

Those tax credits will go towards two renovation projects. One will be at the Kirksville Estates Apartment complex and the other will be at Kirksville Village Apartments.

Both the interior and the exterior will be renovated during the project. The renovation project will have no fiscal impact on the city.

The council also approved the purchase of a new plow truck from Lovegreen Ford. The new vehicle will be used daily for street construction and maintenance operations in the summer months, and for snow removal and de-icing operations in the winter months.

The price of the plow truck was $84,864.60