Kirksville Council members meet with ATSU President

Kirksville City Council members met with the President of A.T. Still University Monday.

Council members and the president discussed several ways to make improvements to both the city and the university.

One of those discussions included the changing of the stoplights around the square, to stop signs. Those who attended the meeting also proposed the idea of slowing down traffic when approaching the university and North East Regional Medical Center. All of the improvements suggested will help both of the universities and the city.

"Truman and A.T. Still University are a big part of this community and when students come and faculty and staff come to work, we want them to have a positive experience in the city of Kirksville, and we want the citizens of Kirksville to benefit from the relationship between the students, faculty, and staff," said Craig Phelps, A.T. Still University President.

Kirksville Council members will meet again in a work session to discuss changes regarding the stoplights around the square.