Kirksville Council to extend flashing traffic signal experiment

The Kirksville City Council has decided to extend the trial period for the flashing traffic signals downtown.

That experiment was originally supposed to end at the beginning of September. Now, it's being extended until the beginning of October. That's because council members are concerned how the two universities coming back into session will affect traffic downtown.

Public Works Director Alan Griffiths has been monitoring traffic during the rush hour periods. The goal is to improve traffic flow. Right now, drivers have had no major complaints when it comes to the traffic signals. Both drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to give the city feedback.

"The only feedback I've heard from and seen with complaints is the pedestrians not understanding what to do when they get to the intersections," said Alan Griffiths, Kirksville Public Works Director.

Once the trial period comes to an end, the Kirksville City Council will meet and make a decision. They could either decide to take down the signals and replace them with stop signs or resort back to the previous red - yellow - and green cycle.