Kirksville Council votes to approve ordinance regarding Patterson Street property

The Council Chambers at City Hall in Kirksville were filled at Monday night's meeting as community members and neighbors shared comments and concerns regarding a property.

The property of discussion is located at 1302 East Patterson Street. The owners, Derek and Shelby Leppin, wish to turn the property into a communal living area. They wish to offer college students an alternative family style Christian living experience.

The Leppin's will also reside in the home. There, they plan to supervise and counsel the students and give them a safe and home-feeling atmosphere.

Neighbors of the property spoke of both concerns and reasons why the council should approve the 'special permit' request for the property.

"They made a good decision, they let the couple do it, and I think it was a good decision. I'm sure we will see how it goes," said Brad Selby, Kirksville Codes and Planning Director.

Council members voted 3-2 to approve the special permit request. Now, the Leppin's must do work on the property such as adding parking and lighting to the area.