Kirksville dentist could lose license

Steve Barber, 72, of Kirksville could lose his dental license.

A Kirksville dentist recently convicted of two counts of witness tampering could now lose his dental license.

The Missouri Dental Board is seeking to prevent Dr. Steve Barber, 72, of Kirksville, from practicing.

He was already subject to a disciplinary order issued by the Board in May 2009.

According to documents filed in Adair County Circuit Court, Barber was required to take and pass the Board's exam within 12 months of his disciplinary period.

He reportedly took that exam three times and failed all three times.

In the court paperwork, an attorney for the Missouri Dental Board alleges that Barber failed to have a "practice monitor" oversee his work and submit reports to the board.

No reports were received.

The Dental Board also alleges that Barber violated federal and state drug laws, rules and regulations.

He allegedly stocked and prescribed controlled substances without having a current, valid DEA registration.

Then the Board's petition cites Barber's recent criminal conviction.

For these reasons, the Dental Board is seeking a retraining order to prohibit Steve Barber from practicing dentistry in Missouri until a probation violation hearing can be held by the board.

A hearing on the matter is set for Wednesday, June 29 in a Kirksville courtroom; however, Barber's attorney has filed for a continuance.

A judge has not ruled yet on that requested delay.

Barber is scheduled to be sentenced on his criminal conviction on August 17, 2011.Click here to see the Missouri Dental Board court document