Kirksville elementary students hear readings from Truman State students

Young students had the opportunity to learn from some university students.

Students from Truman State University have been visiting Kirksville elementary schools to read to the young students and teach them about the values and traditions of Martin Luther King Jr. Truman students also had the opportunity to answer the youngsters questions about diversity, and why Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated.

Going to the local elementary schools and reading to the children is something that Truman State students have been doing for some time.

"As kids, you know they don't understand the power of reading, and the power of reading can you know, introduce you to new ideas, and help you to learn things you've never learned before," said Brad Hardin, a Truman State University student.

Truman students will continue the readings Friday afternoon at Ray Miller Elementary, Kirksville Primary School, and Mary Immaculate Catholic School.