Kirksville emergency response team perform mock drill

It's summertime, meaning lots of pool time and a reminder for Kirksville EMT's.

The Adair County Ambulance District, the Kirksville Fire and Police Departments, 911 Dispatch, and Northeast Regional Medical Center participated in a mock pediatric drowning drill Tuesday morning.

The drill included an actual call coming into dispatch that a young child had fallen into the pool. EMT's responded to the scene in minutes and responded as if this were a real medical emergency.

Everyone in charge of Tuesday's drill was very pleased with the outcome.

"It's a great opportunity to evaluate and actually praise our professionals for what they do every day in Adair County," said Lisa Archer, R.N. at Northeast Regional Medical Center.

"I thought everyone did a fantastic job. They got in and did what they needed to do, got to the truck and headed to the hospital like they're suppose to," said Darrell Crooks of the Adair County Ambulance District.

This time of year, medical personnel want to remind the community about the importance of pool safety.

It's always important to remember that pools should be closed off and secured and young children should never be left alone in a pool.