Kirksville entrepreneur prepares to open his 22nd business

<font size="2">Local businessman Steve Taylor and his wife Judy are getting ready to unveil the newly renovated il Spazio building in downtown Kirksville.</font>

You may remember that last December local businessman Steve Taylor and his wife Judy bought the former il Spazio building in downtown Kirksville.

Now they're getting ready to unveil the newly renovated space, but this isn't their first experience starting a business from scratch.

Steve Taylor is not your ordinary business man. Self-described as aggressive, success oriented and always loving a new challenge, heâ??s got a passion for local business and the people it serves.

â??I think Kirksville really deserves and needs, You know I'm doing it for you guys, I mean it is really for you,â?? said Taylor.

Dabbling in everything from flowers and food service to western wear and manufacturing, Taylor has experience in a variety of fields.

â??You know what I just Love to bring new things to a, I just love a challenge. I love a challenge. I was a hog farmer, I mean I've done everything, I've been, I've done it all,â?? said Taylor.

Now heâ??s decided to expand his horizons even more. Just a few steps away from some of his earlier business ventures on the Kirksville Square, Taylor is now preparing to open the doors to his 22nd Business, Maxwellâ??s.

â??You know what I love every one of them, everybody says which one did you love the most? you know the one I've got at the time I have it is the one I love the most. So this is the one I love the most. This is going to be just, and I love people I just love, just activity,â?? said Taylor.

And thatâ??s exactly the focus of this latest venture. A space where good company can eat, drink and be happy.

â??I think people are going to love it. I mean I love it I want to stay here until I go home it's just, it just has that feel that it needs to have. You just want to sit down and enjoy your friend and a coke or a teaser tea or a martini and just enjoy life and maybe forget about all the bad things for a while,â?? said Taylor.

If you're interested in trying out the Taylor's new establishment, you can stop by their open house Friday or Saturday evening between 4 and 7 for a tour of the newly renovated space and some free samples.

For more information about Maxwellâ??s, click here.