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      Kirksville eyesore to be torn down

      In just a few weeks, what many consider to be an eyesore in the Kirksville community is coming down. The Miller building in downtown Kirksville will be torn down by its new owner, Ken Read.

      Read now owns the building and the house behind it. He said the house will be torn down within the next week, and demolition on the Miller building should begin in about two weeks.

      He said he bought the building because it was too good of a deal to pass up. Read said the building is not worth keeping because the cost of renovation would be way too high. â??We've got several ideas and we're getting more everyday,â?? Read said. â??I'm actually talking with a consulting group right now on trying to do some surveys to see what we actually need down here and what would work best.â??

      Read said many people in the community said they are ready to see change on the corner of Franklin and Jefferson streets.