Kirksville group recruits help to help recruit industries

A local economic development group is trying to add more members.

Kirksville Regional Economic Development, Incorporated (K-REDI) is trying to increase membership to help make the group more effective in bringing new businesses and industries to town.

"If people think that economic development might be my job, but it's not,â?? said Carolyn Chrisman, K-REDI Director of Job Creation. â??It's everybody's job because if someone comes to town and is looking at Kirksville, they're going to run into people on the street, and we all need to be focused on putting Kirksville's best foot forward."

Members of the K-REID Board have told Chrisman they want her to devote half-a-day per week to recruiting new members.

She will also be getting some help from volunteers.

"We're going to really try to increase getting individual members involved in K-REDI, but also more businesses because the more jobs that we can create, the more people (who) are onboard, the more successful we're going to be."

Chrisman told KTVO that K-REDI has three levels of membership: individuals can join for a donation of $250 per year; businesses can join for a donation of $1,000 a year; and public entities can join for a donation of $5,000 annually.

A $5,000 donation guarantees a seat on the board.

The donations are used for a variety of things including, daily operations, the marketing of Kirksville on a state and national level and training/marketing seminars and events.