Kirksville Hardee's set to open

In just a few days those across the Heartland will welcome back a familiar restaurant.

Hardee's in Kirksville plans to open Aug., Wednesday 22nd for lunch.

Their first full day will be the following Thursday as they'll be open from 5:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m.

Training will finish up this week with around 60 employees set to operate the restaurant.

Like most Hardee's, this one on South Baltimore will be pretty standard, although it will be adding something unique to that makes it more tailored to Kirksville.

"We even have a Truman room," said TriStar Ventures Director of Operations Tom Trotter. "If you notice the back wall is Truman purple, and we worked with the university to get some good photographs of mascot and everything."

Although most positions are filled, the new Kirksville Hardee's is still accepting applications.

The restaurant will have Wi-Fi as well as a big screen T.V.

This Hardee's is opening in the same location on South Baltimore street where a previous hardee's used to be located.