Kirksville High School class of 2013; A class to remember

The Kirksville High School held their senior awards banquet at Truman State Universities Georgian room with over 400 people in attendance. The 2013 class is a very distinguished class with 4 students receiving the national honor society award and the entire class racked in almost a million dollars in scholarships. One student, Brian Pagliai, received over 10 awards and has a full ride to the U.S. Naval Academy. The event he said was a humbling experience and allowed him to reflect upon all the great times and learning experiences he can take with him to the next chapter in his life.

â??There's definitely inspiration in all different aspects specifically to the school that I'm going to. My life long role model and one of my best friends, he currently attends the naval academy and he definitely inspired me to look into that, but then my parents of course. I would be nothing without them. They instilled all the initial values in me. There's been teachers, counselors all kinds of folks that helped. The list is ongoing, so it's hard to narrow it down,â?? said Brian Pagliai a KHS Senior.

Brian hopes to become an intelligence officer and says as long as he is service to his nation after he gets out of the academy he cannot be disappointed.