Kirksville High School placed on alert after threat

Kirksville High School was place on lockdown Monday afternoon February 11, 2012.

Kirksville Police were called to secure Kirksville High School Monday. Police say a student received a threat against another student in a text message. The school was put on alert shortly after noon. The alert was lifted and police cleared the scene a little more than an hour later.

According to police, students at the high school were never in danger and the student who made the threat was taken into custody and was taken to Bruce Normile Juvenile Justice Center in Kirksville.

Pat Williams, Superintendent of Kirksville R-III schools, says a threatening text message was sent to a female student and eventually passed on to administrators. The threat specifically said that a male student, the young womanâ??s boyfriend, was going to come to school and kill her. The boyfriend was not at school today.

The school resource officer made contact with the young man and he said that he wasnâ??t really serious and that he didnâ??t mean it. He also stated that he wanted to meet with police officers to get everything cleared up.

â??As a precaution the high school administrators put the building on alertâ??which simply means they restricted the access in and out of the building to two exits and entries. They called the local police just to help secure the perimeter in the event that what the young man was telling us was not true,â?? said Williams.

During the alert studentsâ?? schedules ran as normal. Students were moved in and out of the building as they normally would be in between classes.

â??We canâ??t certainly control every text message that is sent among students, but students understand that if one is of a threatening nature, they need to bring it to the right peopleâ??s attention [and] they did,â?? said Williams.