Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission holds open meeting

The Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission met Wednesday.

The Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission discussed several different topics at an open meeting Wednesday evening.

Commission members have the opportunity to attend the Missouri Certified Local Government Program in Jefferson City. The program allows different preservation commissions from the state to gather and discuss the importance of expanding the historic preservation network at the federal and state government level.

The commissioners also announced that they were contacted by the State Historic Preservation Office because two nominations to the National Register of Historic Places have been approved. The two buildings are the Drs. George and Blanche Laughlin House at 706 Halliburton Street, and the Sojourners Club Building at 211 South Elson Street.

"It's a heritage. It's a heritage of everyone in this community, and it gives us a sense of pride I think in being able to look at these buildings and know that they are preserved and people are taking care of them," said Brad Selby, Kirksville Historic Preservation Staff Representative.

The City of Kirksville currently has 13 buildings recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.