Kirksville holds first Community Christmas Dinner

Despite the slick roads, hundreds of people showed up to Kirksville's first Community Christmas dinner Saturday evening.

Dinner was served in the Truman State University Student Union building with the help of many community volunteers.

Christmas music set a festive tone as attendees enjoyed their meals in the warmth and enjoyed good conversation with friends.

â??Well we just don't ever want anyone to be alone, especially at the holidays and so we just we want to do something where the whole community comes together as a whole, rich, old, young, doesn't matter, this is for everyone. God gave us Jesus and this is our gift to the community,â?? said Marilyn Blickhan, a committee member for this yearâ??s Christmas Dinner.

This year's event was much more than just a dinner. Kids chose gifts to give to their parents this Christmas and a variety of fun prizes were available for winning in the community bingo game. Organizers hope to make the dinner an annual affair.