Kirksville is asking for the public's input on a new strategic plan

The City of Kirksville and the Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce invites all residents of Kirksville and Adair County to attend a public forum on Tuesday, January 31 at 7 pm at the Kirksville Middle School.

This open house will give citizens the opportunity to discuss the proposed 2012 Community Strategic Plan.

KIrksville City Manager Mari Macomber wants the community to share any ideas they have to make this community a better place to live in.

"There's lots of ideas out there, so we just want to give the people an opportunity to look at the plane and if there's anything or a need they see they want added. Let us know about it." Macomber said.

Macomber also says that citizens will benefit from the plan and it will help the city know what the people want.

"The plan outlines the focus." Macomber said. "So if you have only so many resources and you have a plan that says the people want done, it's easier to put money into what has been or needs to get done and has citizen input. I think it helps people moves towards accomplishing their goals."

The plan attempts to set a direction for the Kirksville community based on common goals that will lead to citizen empowerment and economic opportunity.

The newly proposed plan is a continuation of an ongoing commission created in 1993 to address a variety of areas including central business district, community betterment, economic development, housing, health and human services, recreation and leisure services, schools and education, telecommunication, tourism, and transportation, utilities and infrastructure.

The proposed plan can be viewed on the City's website,