Kirksville is road winter ready

Kirksville road salt

With winter just around the corner, our viewers wanted to know more about how Heartland cities' salt supplies are looking for the upcoming season.KTVO went to Kirksville Public Works and learned that it got its salt supply early.

It already has about 800 tons of salt in storage and another 1,000 tons ready to be re-supplied if the city needs more. It costs the city about $80,000 a winter to get the salt supply.

Public Works said it will continue to work hard to get the snow off the road this winter as well. "We will do 12 hour shifts, around the clock for bigger storms when it TMs necessary, said John Buckwalter, Director, Public Works Department. I really don't anticipate anything different from what we did last year. Just hope we don't do as much as we did last year.

Buckwalter also said that Kirksville Public Works will be responsible for the 120 miles of city streets. The new U.S. 63 and Baltimore Street, which is now Business 63, will be the responsibility of the Mo. Department of Transportation to clean up after a snow storm.