Kirksville kid headed to national pedal-tractor pull

Konner Klocke, 5, of Kirksville

He's not your average 5-year-old.

Not only is he a state champion, but he can pull 100 pounds behind his pedal tractor.

In July, Konner Klocke of Kirksville competed at the NEMO Fair in Kirksville where he pulled 80 pounds and got 2nd place.

After winning that, he then competed in the state pedal pull at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

There, he won a third-place trophy, pulling 100 pounds for 42-and-a-half feet in less than 20 seconds.

And now, he's headed to nationals in South Dakota.

Konner told KTVO he's excited for nationals, and he's quite confident about his chances there.

â??I'll probably get first,â?? said Konner.

He went on to say he likes pedal-tractor pulls because they're fun, and you do need a lot of strength to pull.

Konner doesn't practice on a tractor though.

â??On my bike, work my leg muscles,â?? said Konner.

Konner said he is the only one in his family to ever do pedal-tractor pulls, and the first kid from Kirksville to go to nationals.

Nationals will be in Mitchell, South Dakota on September 22.

Konner said his mom and dad, Melissa and Brett Klocke, will go with him.