Kirksville kids follow story book trail

Kirksville youngsters followed a 'wacky' Dr. Seuss trail and were read to by a princess Wednesday morning.

In part of celebrating 'The Week of the Young Child', preschoolers spent the morning following a story book trail. Pages of the book 'Wacky Wednesday' by Dr. Seuss lined the walking trail between Kirksville High School and the Primary School.

Miss Heartland's Outstanding Teen, Megan Pennington, was the guest reader for the first group of kids to hit the trail. Organizers say this new activity is a way to get kids excited about reading and enjoy fun outdoors.

"We just have different pages of the story kind of scattered around the trail, and you can come out and you can walk and read a story as you go," said Heather Darrah, Kirksville Recreation Specialist.

If you haven't yet checked out the Story Book Trail, you still have time. The book pages will be up along the trail until 7 Wednesday night and is open to anyone.