Kirksville kids play in slime festival

As the fall draws near and fall festivals are abound, kids in Kirksville got to take part in a non-traditional one on Sept. 1.

Instead of playing with pumpkins and running through corn mazes, they got to play in slime and take part in different science experiments, while learning about the Bible. The festival was put on by the Hamilton Street Baptist Church, who has been working hard since the summer to attract new members who live in the area surrounding the church.

Along with playing slimy games like goop scoop, the kids got to take home a special treat.

"The other thing we have going on is at each station, the kids get a little card called a bible buddy and when they collected that bible buddy at each station, they get to come back and get a prize at the end," said the churches' Youth Minister Director Cheryl Flaim.

"So it's also kind of our way of sharing god's love with our community."

"Im just having so much fun. the food, the science and stuff. it's a wonderful thing," said Tyson Perry, who attends the church's summer vacation bible school.

Flaim said that 125 children came out to the event. Flaim said the festival was a great way for church members to interact and build relationships with the kids and families in the community.