Kirksville kids to compete in Special Olympics basketball tournament

A group of Kirksville athletes are gearing up for a competition in Kansas City.

Some students from the Kirksville School District will be competing in a Special Olympics Basketball Tournament. The Regional Tournament is taking place March 22. If the team does well at Regional's, it will advance to the state tournament.

Students who compete in the Special Olympics enjoy that they can spend time with friends and attend bingo games and a dance after the tournament. The students take part in sports ranging from basketball to bowling throughout the school year to help them stay healthy and fit.

"Special Olympics has been great for all of our athletes. It keeps them physically fit, they get to hang out with their friends at practice, which is usually what they talk about the most. They get to learn their way around the state as we travel to different locations and meet a lot of people from across the state too," said Jamie Janes, Special Olympics Coach.

Special Olympics Coach Jamie Janes wants to thank the Kirksville community for its help sponsoring events and helping to buy uniforms for the kids.