Kirksville Kindergarten student has a scary start to school

Danielle Lewis says her five-year-old son, was dropped off at the wrong bus stop Tuesday after school.

What should have been a memorable start to school for one Kirksville Kindergarten student, quickly turned into a parent's worst nightmare.

Danielle Lewis tells us her five-year-old son, Noah, was dropped off at the wrong bus stop Tuesday after school.

While she was waiting to pick him up at a daycare, the bus actually took her son to their home, where no adults were present.

After contacting the school, Lewis was told her son had been put on the incorrect bus due to a name mix-up.

Unable to get into the house, and lacking any adult supervision, Noah grabbed his bike and took a ride down Baltimore Street.

Lewis tells us her son was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic and could have easily been hit by a car.

Luckily, an employee from a local gas station found him and called for help.

Now Lewis is concerned the same situation could happen with another child.

â??I think with the world that we live in now, it is not safe to just let a child off the bus. If you don't see a parent present, you need to put the child back on the bus and take them back to the school, until, you know, an adult can be notified And found. You can't just leave them there,â?? said Lewis.

We spoke with the Weber Bus Company and Kirksville's Transportation Director Friday afternoon, who said the boy was dropped off at the location specified on his paperwork.

They also told us Lewis' complaint has been addressed.

Noah has made it home from school safe and sound every other day this week, and Lewis plans to continue utilizing the bus service for the remainder of the school year.