Kirksville Lakes, Parks and Recreation Committee propose rate increases

The City of Kirksville Lakes, Parks and Recreation Committee met Tuesday afternoon to discuss potential rate increases for some park facilities.

The committee has proposed increasing the price to rent pavilion and shelters at the area parks. The current price is $10 for the entire day and has remained the same since 2005.

The new recommended rental rate is $35 for the day. The increase is to help cover the cost of the Public Works Department cleaning up and prepping the picnic area.

The Aquatic Center has also proposed a fee increase when it comes to passes. The price of the passes has not increased since 2007. City officials say raising the cost of the pavilion rentals and Aquatic Center passes will benefit Kirksville.

"Well, you're going to be coming closer to covering the cost of the service, so what that does is lessens the burden on the taxpayer. I think that's the primary one. It just costs more to provide that particular service," said Angie Whisnant, Kirksville Assistant City Manager.

Both of the proposed rate increases have to be approved by the Kirksville City Council before going into effect.