Kirksville likely to get a 'Certified Fiber Park'

Local economic development leaders are trying a new way to entice new business and industry to Kirksville.

K-REDI is working with AT&T to have Kirksville's industrial park designated as a Certified Fiber Park.

That designation would then be used as a marketing tool to attract new industry to the city's industrial park.

Carolyn Chrisman, K-REDI director of job creation, explains.

"All businesses today need technology, and they need reliable, they need fast internet service. Then need good technology in those areas, and so when you certify a park, what that basically is telling a business is that it has everything you need. You will not have to go to AT&T and pay extra to have the fiber laid. It's already there. It's for your use, no extra cost to you,â?? said Chrisman.

Chrisman said the K-REDI Board has given her the go-ahead to pursue an agreement with AT&T to get Kirksville's industrial park designated a Certified Fiber Park.

Chrisman told KTVO one St. Louis suburb is convinced the designation helps attract business and industry.

"In O'Fallon, Missouri, they certified their industrial park as a fiber park, and they have filled it. And, they have told AT&T that they believe one of the reasons they were able to fill it was because it had that designation," said Chrisman.

Closer to home, the cities of Moberly and Mexico, Missouri both have Certified Fiber Parks.

There is no cost for the designation.