Kirksville man tased after being holed up three hours

Robert McClanahan, 52, of Kirksville

UPDATE: A Kirksville man is now formally charged following a three-hour ordeal Monday night in a normally quiet Kirksville neighborhood.

Robert McClanahan, 52, is charged with misdemeanor counts of third-degree assault and unlawful use of an unloaded weapon by an intoxicated person.

He is being held in the Adair County Jail on $5,000 cash only bond.

Once McClanahan was arrested, police obtained a search warrant for his home.

Officers discovered the weapon McClanahan allegedly pointed at the woman in the car parked across the street from his home was not loaded.

As we reported earlier, police tased McClanahan as he finally emerged from the home after three hours.

Court documents state that while walking toward officers, McClanahan had his hands in what appeared to be a tucked position at the bottom of his shirt and top of his pants, making it difficult to see if he was holding some sort of weapon.

Investigators said McClanahan ignored repeated commands to raise his hands above his head.

Inside the home, police said they found several other firearms and two empty, one-gallon vodka bottles.

No ammunition for any of the weapons was located.


A three-hour ordeal in Kirksville ends with a man being tased and taken into custody.

Police say the incident started around 8 p.m. Monday at a home on Grim Drive in Kirksville.

A couple of residents who pulled up to a house across the street called police and told them that the man had come to the end of his driveway with a shotgun in his hands and pointed it at them in the car.

They drove away, and police responded.

No one was sure if the man had gone back into the home or left the area.

It turns out the man was holed up inside the home.

The Kirksville Police Department called in its Special Response Team, and the heavily armed members of the group surrounded the home.

Some neighbors were advised to leave their homes as a safety precaution.

Those who did not want to leave were told to stay toward the back of their homes.

Investigators tried using a bullhorn to talk the man into coming out of the house.

After the incident had gone on for about three hours, the man finally emerged from a side door and walked toward the street with his hands held together near his waist.

KPD Deputy Chief Tim King said the man refused officers' repeated orders to put his hands in the air so police were then forced to tase him.

The suspect was then taken into custody.

Authorities don't know if drugs or alcohol were involved.

Charges are pending.

KTVO is not releasing the man's name until formal charges are filed.

We will try to bring you an update Tuesday evening on KTVO News.