Kirksville man to lose job at end of the month due to lack of funding

As a result of the Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee (KDIC) not receiving enough support to bring new opportunities downtown, one employee will now lose his job at the end of the month due to lack of funding.

The KDIC fell short of its goal to create exciting, monthly events in downtown Kirksville, therefore Executive Director Jeremy Pingel will be out of a job at the end of May.

His position was funded by a two-year grant, which runs out shortly.

Although the board will be losing its executive director, Pingel said he has little regret in taking the position.

"I wish we could've accomplished a few more things," said Pingel. "It would've been great to see the KDIC continue on with development of some events downtown and a variety of different things. I just really appreciate the opportunity to serve the community."

Committee President Sherry Stacey said she feels like this is a missed opportunity for the City of Kirksville.

"'Devastated' might be a good word. Extremely concerned, because I saw it as a real advantage to bringing commerce downtown and helping the universities with new enrollment," said Stacey.

The committee is still evaluating what to do next. Members mentioned the possibility of the KDIC taking a break.