Kirksville Middle School gets a new name

William Matthew gets Kirksville school named after him.

The Kirksville School Board honored a lifelong educator in a great way Wednesday evening.

With a standing ovation, the Kirksville R-III School Board honored former Kirksville Superintendent William Matthew by changing the name of Kirksville Middle School to William Matthew Middle School.

Superintendent Pat Williams said this past fall he was approached by an individual suggesting that the district consider naming the middle school after Matthew.

Matthew told KTVO he is proud to be honored in this way.

â??It's a great dream that I thought about, but I thought, â??No. No. That won't happenâ??,â?? Matthew said.

â??There are so many people who have been through and helped the district through all the difficult times. Iâ??m so proud of what the board has done since my retirement and the teachers who have helped and assisted and the support staff. Mary Magruder...she's been through a lot of superintendent's. She's a wonderful lady. Mr. Williams Iâ??ve known for years. I think he does an excellent job.â??

Matthew said receiving a standing ovation was very touching.

â??I appreciate every bit of it,â?? He said.

â??And, I thank the patrons of this school district for their support that they've made to the schools over all these years, and I just hope they keep it up.â??

During the meeting, Williams said when Matthew left his job as Kirksville Junior High Principal to become the superintendent; the district was in a rough state.