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      Kirksville park was turned an olympic field for block party

      Local children got the chance to feel like olympic athletes Saturday evening.

      The Kirksville Parks and Recreation department along with with NEMO Heart Health to held their second summer block party.

      The event was held at Jaycee Park to celebrate the parks re-opening.

      This block party was a summer olympic theme. Both groups wanted to do something allowing children to get active.

      "It's more for the parents. The kids are going to go where the parents take them. When a parent brings a child to a park, instead of sitting around. Try to engage with the child and be more active. A little bit more focused on the things they can do. It's good to have free play but also a lot of developmental things children can get and learn to have fun with activity," said Medical Director of NEMO Heart Health John Rickelman D.O.

      There were a variety of challenges for the kids and adults to take part in. Prizes were available to those who finished their events.

      Jaycee Park was recently remodeled with a new playground, basketball court, and sidewalks.

      NEMO Heart Health is planning to put up activity signs around city parks over the next few weeks.