Kirksville Planning and Zoning reviews 2014 Comprehensive Plan

The Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission met Wednesday Evening.

The Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed the initial draft of its 2014 Comprehensive Plan Wednesday Evening.

This plan prepares the city for future development projects.

The group discussed several areas that could be commercially viable in the next few years.

Other areas of focus include future park locations and landscaping standards for development projects.

Ultimately, Commissioners hope to bring in future development that will benefit Kirksville's economy.

"We've talked several things and we want that to be part of our comprehensive plan, we want to spur development for the city of Kirksville wherever, not just the new highway location, but anywhere in town," said Brad Selby, Codes and Planning Director.

Work will continue on the comprehensive plan for several more months before its final approval.