Kirksville Police Department helps prevent identity theft

Becoming the victim of identity theft is becoming easier now that cyber-criminals are coming up with new ways to access information.

Monday afternoon, the parent company of Northeast Regional Medical Center announced a security breach, where patient information was accessed.

Those hackers can access personal information such as social security numbers, addresses and birthdays. If you find that you have become a victim of identity theft, it is best to contact local law enforcement immediately.

Investigators will help track any purchases made by a hacker using your credit cards. Police also offer this bit of advice for you when suspicions of identity theft first occur.

"What we do is we tell people they should also go out and do a credit report check on themselves, because that is something they are possibly going to get more information from. So, we start there and try to apprehend the bad guy," said Detective Steve Feeney, of the Kirksville Police Department.

The Kirksville Police Department also says that it's best to change electronic passwords regularly. Those passwords should not contain any personal information or dates such as birthdays.