Kirksville Police Department implements shift changes

Officers at the Kirksville Police Department are now working 12-hour shifts.

The shift change started in January, and prior to that, the officers worked 8-hour shifts.

Police Chief Jim Hughes says the change is something that officers suggested in order to help them reduce fatigue. The officers now work 12-hour shifts and receive seven days off in a two-week period.

The change in shifts also allows officers to have more time to speak and work with supervisors throughout the course of the week. 12-hour shifts are something that many police departments in the United States have been switching over to. Hughes says the change will also help cut down on police officers' overtime.

"If trends continue to what we've seen so far in this year, it may actually cause a reduction in overtime and some other minor administrative costs, which would then be a benefit to the city as well," Hughes said.

Hughes also says the change in shifts will help when recruiting new officers and be seen as a benefit by applicants.