Kirksville Police Department works to put an end to prescription drug abuse

The Kirksville Police Department is working to put an end to the abuse of prescription drugs.

In recent years, the department has seen an increase in deaths as a result of abuse of prescription medications. Some of those drugs include pseudoephedrine and morphine.

Individuals sometimes mix multiple medications together, unaware of the outcome.

Now, officers are helping to educate people about what can happen if those medications are combined or intentionally abused.

By doing this, the department hopes to limit the number of deaths associated with prescription drug abuse.

"It's certainly a major problem for us and we just continue to do what we can as far as enforcement is concerned and trying to educate people about the dangers," said Chief Jim Hughes of the Kirksville Police Department.

The department has also teamed up with the Adair County Drug Task Force. By working together, the two agencies hope to educate individuals on the proper use of prescription medications.