Kirksville Police prepare for snow storm days in advance

Kirksville Snow Emergency will remain in effect until 12 p.m. Wednesday

With Tuesdayâ??s snow storm, a snow emergency has been issued in the city of Kirksville.

With an expected six to ten inches, preparation for the storm started days ago.

It all started with a briefing held in the Emergency Operation Center, located in the basement of the Kirksville Police Department, with other city officials. Emergency managers dialed into a webinar with the National Weather Service in Kansas City to decide the best plan of action.

â??That's where we start talking about what it is we might think needs to be done and decide whether we are going to declare a snow emergency and for what length of timeâ?? said Jim Hughes, Police Chief for the City of Kirksville. â??So we actually start thinking about these things, not only the police department, but public works, people who move all the snow, the fire department-everybody that might need to be out and active during this time. We start thinking about these things several days in advanceâ??.

With the information the city of Kirksville received from the National Weather Service, they decided to enact a Snow Emergency that went into effect at 8 Tuesday morning.

â??Basically we're looking at the best predicting information that we have from the weather service. Following yesterday's briefing, the weather service was fairly comfortable about every place in the warning district, which includes Kirksville, will get at least six inches of snow, if not more than that,â?? said Hughes. â??With the winds forecast up to 30 mph or so, the snow to be a little on the dry side-all that combines together-we just wanted to get ahead of the game so we made a decision based on that informationâ??.

With this Snow Emergency, it is important for citizens to follow city orders. The police department will make us aware of any changes to the snow emergency, but as of right now it is in effect until 12 p.m. on Wednesday.