Kirksville police/firefighter requirements

You were interested in knowing if there are any physical requirements required for police officers and firefighters, and we have the answers. At the Kirksville Police Department, potential officers must go through a physical fitness test before they are hired.

We do have a physical agility test that's done through the Thompson campus center. It's a nationally recognized test so its compared against other standards across the country so what we do during the hiring process is send candidates down there and they go through the process of running, lifting weights, sit-ups, a variety of things, said Deputy Chief Tim King. Officers will periodically go through the same tests, but they are not taken off duty based on the score. They also have a doctor's physical done every other year. Kirksville firefighters have to be at least 18 years old to join the department. Fire Chief Randy Behrens told KTVO that all firefighters must go through a series of physical agility tests on an annual basis. There are no Missouri state standards for police officers or firefighters. Each individual agency creates its own standards. Ottumwa Requirements