Kirksville Public Works will soon see new management

Kirksville Public Works will soon be looking for a new Director as John Buckwalter will be retiring in July. While in service, he has improved and upgraded many roads throughout the Kirksville area, added 30 miles of water lines, and double our water treatment plant capacity from 3 million to 6 million gallons. John would like to say thank you for all the patience the citizens of Kirksville had through all the projects heâ??s participated throughout the years.

â??I've been proud to work for the citizens of Kirksville because that's really who i work for and i plan to continue to make Kirksville my home after i retire and do what I can in terms of working with the veterans community and other activities that I've been involved with. Don't plan to stop that, but my days are going to be devoted to caring for my wife,â?? said John Buckwalter Kirksville Public Works Director

John is excited to spend more time with his family and also work on his 1949 Plymouth when he retires. John, on behalf of KTVO, thanks for all the stories you did with us and the great work you did for Kirksville.