Kirksville Regional Airport has Cape Air contract until 2016

Have you ever wondered why you can't catch a Cape Air flight out of Kirksville and travel to Kansas City?

That is because the airport is currently contracted with Cape Air through 2016. Cape Air offers daily flights from Kirksville Regional to Lambert-St. Louis Airport and back. The Essential Air Service Program and the contract with Cape Air is what helps keep ticket prices low at a cost of $49.99, however, when Cape Air's contract is up, other airlines are free to bid for a 4-5 year contract with the airport. If the airport changes airlines, the hub has a possibility of changing to Kansas City, Chicago, or remaining in St. Louis. Flying to Kansas City or elsewhere, currently would cost full ticket price.

"We could have a flight to another city if we wanted to, but they (the passengers) would be charged full price so it would cost you $200 - $250 to fly one way to Kansas City and back, and most people are not going to do that," said Glenn Balliew, Kirksville Regional Airport Director.

The airport sees an estimated 900 to 1,000 passengers per month.