Kirksville Regional Airport to purchase new equipment

Kirksville Regional Airport will be getting some new equipment that will play a key role during the winter.

The City Council has approved the purchase of a three-point hitch snow blower. The purchase was funded with a 95% grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation. The city will pay for the remaining amount, which is just over $1,000. The new snow blower will help when it comes to clearing snow from both city streets and the runway at the airport.

"The city is trying to get rid of snow at the same time the airport is trying to get rid of snow. Now they do bring it down once they are finished with the city and getting all the snow removed to help us out, but we have to get it off the runways and over our lights to be effective with that, so when we needed it, the city had it. So, now the airport has one," said Glenn Balliew, Kirksville Regional Airport Director.

The airport will also be upgrading its vehicles in the upcoming year. The current fleet is over 15 years old. The Public Works Department is expected to give the airport one of its trucks next year.