Kirksville Regional Airport to see improvements

Kirksville Regional Airport will be seeing some improvements over the next few weeks.

Crews are going to install new lighting along the runway and taxiway. Installation will take an estimated 70 days. The new lights will make maintenance and repairs easier. Right now, the lights are in the ground. The new lights will be placed in boxes 20 inches off the ground.

"It will replace all of our runway and taxiway lights. Taxiway lights will be LED. These lights will go into canned components that will be all conduit. Right now, everything is just in the ground. Easy maintenance, longevity. It should last us a lifetime out here," said Glenn Baillew, Kirksville Regional Airport Director.

The Kirksville Public Works Department is also helping to paint guide lines on the runways. They're doing the job for a cost of $7,000. The airport entrance sign that took a beating in a recent storm is also in the process of being replaced. Airport Director Glenn Balliew hopes to replace that one with a new stone sign along Highway 63 at the airport's entrance.