Kirksville Regional Office holds first ever Disability Resources Expo

The Kirksville Regional Office held its first ever 'Disability Resources Expo' this afternoon.

The Expo focused on services and supports available to help individuals with various types of disabilities. Over 50 vendor booths dealing with assistive technology, employment and housing, just to name a few, were set up at the event. A number of different forums were also taking place at the Expo. Those included a panel discussion dealing with employment options as well as a benefits specialist. These resources provided information on how to live with a disability and overcome challenges.

"Many people whenever they have a disability themselves, or know somebody with a disability, it's just, there's a web of different agencies and resources available," said Matt Shannon, of the Kirksville Regional Office.

Organizers of the Disability Expo say they're happy with the turn-out and number of vendors at this year's event. They're hoping for an even larger crowd in the coming years.