Kirksville residents come out to hear about the city's future

A few Kirksville residents came out Tuesday evening to hear about the future of the city.

The Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee, along with PGAV Urban Consulting, held a public meeting to discuss the new strategic plan for downtown Kirksville.

The plan includes improving the downtown infrastructure, building a partnership with the local universities, bringing in more retail stores, building a stronger local economy and bringing in more people to see the city.

This meeting was important for the public to gather information and to give feedback.

"An important part of any plan is public input, public engagement, and public involvement. We try as much as we can to make sure our recommendations are as accepting to the public as possible," said Michael Hemmer of PGAV Urban Consulting.

The committee now will review the comments and input to see if they need to make any changes to the plan.

They hope to have another public meeting in the future before bringing the plan before the Kirksville City Council later in the year.