Kirksville residents get lower property tax rate

Those who pay property taxes in Kirksville will have some relief, two-cent worth of relief that is. Wednesday, the Kirksville School Board approved a two-cent decrease in its property tax levy.

The district passed a tax levy of $4.1228 per $100 of assessed valuation. $3.3038 of that went to the operating fund and $0.819 goes to the district's debt service account. Last year's tax levy was $4.1403. Kirksville Assistant Superintendent Jane Schaper says the district's adjusted assessed value is $201,203,265.

"Well, I think in today's economy we're seeing some signs of positive growth in the Kirksville area. It isn't certainly significant, but it's at least headed in a positive direction," Patrick Williams Kirksville Superintendent said.

The proposed levy will be signed and sent to the county clerk's office and then on to the state auditor's office.