Kirksville residents said yes to use tax proposal

Kirksville city leaders are very happy today after voters approved the local use tax proposal on Tuesday's ballot.

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that it is unconstitutional for Missouri to collect sales tax on out-of-state purchases of motor vehicles.

Missouri lawmakers had passed House Bill 1329, which was intended to reinstate the sales tax collection. Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill in July, leaving it up to cities to let voters decide if they want to put the use tax in place to help make up for lost revenue.

Kirksville City Manager Mari Macomber said the city appreciates all the support from residents of the city.

"I just want to say on behalf of the council and the city...thank you to everybody for getting out and voting and for making the decision that they did and for supporting the city," Macomber said.

With the city use tax soon to be in place, Macomber says Kirksville will get at least $57,000 a year in tax revenue for street maintenance and police and fire services.

The use tax will take effect on January 1.

Voters in New Cambria also approved a use tax, while voters in the cities of Macon, La Plata and Callao said no to such a tax.