Kirksville road improvement projects going on the next month

Over the next month, City of Kirksville contractors will be making improvements to few city roads.

Over the next month, City of Kirksville contractors are milling various existing street surfaces and overlaying them with new asphalt.

Construction began Thursday and it is expected to last about 2 to 3 weeks.

The streets will be repaired in the following order:

â?¢ Halliburton St. - Patterson St. to Normal Ave.

â?¢ Fillmore St. - Baltimore St. to Bradford St.

â?¢ Normal Ave - Cottage Grove Ave to Jamison St.

â?¢ Bradford St - Scott St to Jefferson St

â?¢ Manor Crest Dr - McPherson St to Manor Rd

â?¢ East Meadow Ln - New St to Woodland Dr

â?¢ Woodland Dr - East Meadow Ln to Dear St

â?¢ Dear St - Woodland Dr to New St

â?¢ Elson St - approaching Potter Avenue

â?¢ Osteopathy - Scott St to Michigan St

â?¢ Michigan St - Ann St to Wabash St

â?¢ Osteopathy - Hamilton St to LaHarpe St

Another city contractor will also continue concrete slab improvements. Improvements are expected to take approximately 4 weeks.

The streets receiving concrete improvements are as follows and are expected to be repaired in the order listed:

â?¢ LaHarpe Street - from First Street to Bartlett Street

â?¢ Country Club Drive - starting at Baltimore going approximately 150 feet to the East

â?¢ Davis Street - from Fillmore to Scott Street

â?¢ Queens Road - from Crown Drive to Queens Court

â?¢ Kings Road - from New Street to Knight Drive

â?¢ New Street - from Baltimore to East Meadow Lane

â?¢ Rosewood Drive - starting at Baltimore going approximately 200 feet to the East

â?¢ Canvasback Drive - from Gadwell Street to Greenway Drive

â?¢ East Street - from South of Ash Lane to Redbud Court

â?¢ Oak Lane - from Fairview Drive to Dogwood Drive

The progress of each construction site is weather dependent.

Traffic control will be in effect and the traffic will either be reduced to one lane at the construction locations or could be closed briefly at times throughout construction.

No parking will be allowed during construction, and no vehicle may extend into the street. Vehicles parked in the work zone will be towed at the owner's expense.

The traveling public is strongly urged by the city to use caution, drive slowly through work areas, and request alternate routes be utilized whenever possible.