Kirksville School Board and City Council take tour

The Kirksville City Council and School Board took tours of the water treatment plant Kirksville Regional Airport

The Kirksville City Council and School Board took tours Monday of two community facilities.

The first stop was the water treatment plant that is going to get quite the facelift within the next year in order to comply with state and national regulations. The plant is a hot topic as Kirksville voters are being asked to approve a bond proposal in the Adair County municipal elections.

The group also toured Kirksville Regional Airport, learning all about the airport, from the size of planes that can land there to its landing strip.

â??As school board members and school representatives, it's our obligation to understand these services and share our expertise in terms of the business of education and because as the school district and city government we obviously provide much needed services and essential services to the community as a whole,â?? said Superintendent Pat Williams.

The School Board and City Council meet jointly twice a year.