Kirksville School Board releases bid specifications for turf project

The Kirksville School Board is taking the next step toward replacing the grass surface at Spainhower Field with artificial turf.

During a special meeting Wednesday, the board approved the bid specifications for construction. There will be a base bid for field preparations and then an alternate bid for the actual installation of turf. The bid specifications require that the contractor have completed 10 synthetic turf field installations. The administration said experience is key when awarding the bid to a contractor.

"Generally, we want them to be over five years, in the business, said Jeff Mikel, Kirksville School District Transportation, Maintenance, and Activities Director. "They have to have one field that they've done that's been over five years old. So, basically what that does is that gives us the mark that they've done business a long period of time and they're going to provide us with plenty of references too so we can make sure that we have the quality construction that we need."

The board will release the bid specifications on Friday. The deadline for contractors to submit their bids will be the morning of May 9th. The board expects to award the bid during its meeting that night.

The company awarded the bid will have to agree to finish the project by August 17 or face a $500 a day penalty.

Also, the bid specifications require the company to pay for repairs to the track if it were to get damaged during construction.