Kirksville School District buys new truck

Kirksville R-III Ford F-450 Box Truck

The Kirksville R-III School District has a new ride. Well, the food department does.

The school district purchased a Ford F-450 Box Truck from Lovegreen Ford in Kirksville.

â??The truck was purchased out of the food service budget, which is over $1 million portion of our overall school budget,â?? Patrick Williams Kirksville Superintendent said.

â??It's paid for through federal money as well as lunch fees and a variety of other sources.â??

Director of Food Services Sue Barrett said the old truck was in bad shape and this new truck came just at the right time.

â??Oh, it's going to be great, â??Barrett said. â??It's a little bit bigger, so it will be easier to put things in and (we) won't spend so much time in the shop getting worked on.â??

The district will use the truck to transport all of the food it sends to the different schools.